Hello, and welcome to my blog. I am a writer and an aspiring academic living in London. I am a writer because I write, always have, and an aspiring academic because I am completing my postgraduate studies in Psychology. I write both fiction and non-fiction, anything from comments, articles, scientific reports to short stories, a poem here and there, and I am working on my first novel. I have written the final chapter first, which is how my mind works. I write in my head constantly, make the conclusions, and then start exploring, discovering and building on the path leading up to them. This is the part of writing I love the most, the endless discoveries along the way. The process may finally alter the ending, but I always have clear ideas where I want to take something, and what I want to have said. My writing mainly concerns conceptualizing the complexity of human relationships, those of the dyadic kind, and those we have with ourselves, with nature, things, and spirituality. I know what you’re thinking, ‘but that concerns just about everything doesn’t it’?! As far as our experience, yes, I guess it does! I have always been interested in studying people, behaviour and experience, of the group and the individual. My background is in Cultural Anthropology, Psychology, Neuroscience, Group and Relationship Counselling, and I am currently studying Industrial/Organizational Psychology, i.e., human behaviour at work. So, from the behaviour of neurons, and all the rest that makes up our amazing central nervous system, to individuals, to how people act in small groups to entire cultures, I am fascinated by it all. What is most intriguing and wonderful, at the same time frustrating, is how little we actually know. It leaves plenty room for learning and speculating, which is what my blog is all about. Yes, I am one of those annoying persons that constantly ponder over our existence! My hope is that you will all want to ponder with me, by sharing your own opinions and experiences. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to hear from all of you soon. Let’s begin!



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