About me

This is me with my son on holiday in France a few years ago. He is eager for me to put him down so he can run around.


Hello, how lovely of you to stop by. I hope you are all enjoying it. I have created this blog for you, other soul-searching, curious, people-interested, creative, sometimes confused, and unconventional persons out there. My name is Sara, and I am a writer and a psychologist. I am also a wife, mother of 2, and a type 1 diabetic. I love art, music, travelling, cooking, films (especially Scandinavian films, comedies and alternative/independent).

I am a qualified Occupational Psychologist and Career Counsellor, and since I love writing, this blog is mainly centred on the workings of our mind. I also write about my own life as a women, mother and type 1 diabetic. I will be sharing my insights and observations about people, including myself, and about you if you would like (just write me if you would like to share your story, or indeed comment if you want to share it yourself). I write about relationships, experience, careers, parenting, friendships, spirituality, and all those things that are so close to our hearts, and are major parts of our lives. I like exploring, challenging my own mind and others, and asking questions, sometimes difficult ones.


My brother and I making faces. I have grown a bit since then. And I don’t have the same style dresses anymore.


Are you still reading? Fantastic!

I was born and raised in Sweden. Under a sun that hardly sets in the summer. Under the stars that were brightly shining and reflecting light by the thick snow at 5pm in the winter. And by the breeze of a lake (almost) clean enough to drink from, the place I learnt to swim, and the place I made most of my treasured childhood memories. I am also therefore a soul very fond of nature and wildlife.


I can’t count the times I have enjoyed my lovely hometown lake in Sweden.

Fast forward a bit….  I applied to University in London rather last minute, and I was accepted and moved a couple of weeks later. I completed my Bachelor of Science in Psychology at London South Bank University, a postgraduate degree in Cognitive Neuroscience at Birkbeck, University of London, and a postgraduate diploma in Group and Relationship Counselling at the Tavistock Institute. I had now learnt about human at the individual level, how to work with, and guide, vulnerable individuals in a group setting, to the finest details of the brain and our entire central nervous system. I never end to marvel at the variety, complexity, and beauty of the human being; body and mind (…or soul if you like). I am completes my postgraduate studies in Occupational Psychology, yet again back at Birkbeck, in the middle of Bloomsbury (once the home to one of my favourite authors, Virginia Woolf), in fantastically fascinating, inspirational, sweet, but can-be frustrating, London. The things about this not so little town is that the things that are good for ones being, like being a very competitive and inspirational place, can be great, but can also be a heavy burden at times. Not least when choosing a career for the first, second, third, or maybe the fourth time (or fifth, sixth etc., it’s indeed a life-long endeavour for some which is great if it works for you!). There is so much to do, and so little time!

I use my skills as an Occupational Psychologist and Career Counsellor to work with people like you; creative, curious, ambitious and unconventional (confusion is simply part of the package I am afraid!). I want to assist you with building a fulfilling working life – looking at your interests, personalities, skills, motivations, dreams, and frustrations. To help you create an amazing path for yourself. Please feel free to write to me with your thoughts, questions, and existential musings about yourself, life, or about this blog perhaps. That’s my career (so far!), how about yours? Although, I have done plenty other things along the way… I will save those stories for another time to share.


My daughter on holiday on the East Coast of America.

My daughter on holiday on the East Coast of America.

I sing pretty well, I play guitar badly, and I want to learn to play the piano better. Sometimes, when inspired, I make stuff on my sawing machine or with my kids. I love walking, far and beyond, and I love swimming, especially in the lake or the ocean.

Those are two of my true paths in life, one in print, through my passion for reading and writing, and another in my curiosity for humans, the mind, our experiences, and behaviours. Don’t forget we can have as many paths in life as we feel we can manage, succeeding or alongside each other. It is sometimes not easy to find which path, or paths, to walk, one that feels truly genuine. I have found mine, at least one that I love for now, and I would love to help you find yours. With all the demands, some internally created and some external, it is easy, and can be perfectly normal, to get lost and confused. Hope to see you here again, to read what you like, or indeed, what you don’t like. You can write to me about anything or everything human. I look forward to hearing from you, and to sharing more.


Me on a swing outside a building part of Yale University, Connecticut. This is how fun life should be!