It’s been a while

Woa… life’s been busy this last year and a bit! I promise to be back with my regular writings shortly but here is a quick update on life. We’ve packed up and moved to my home country Sweden, and there have been many changes, and indeed challenges. While hubby is busy working in London and commuting here, I’ve been raising our three kids on my own quite a bit. This combined with diabetes type 1, is no walk in the park. There is a fine balance at all times with managing the kids needs and my own, making sure I don’t collapse from a low bloodsugar. I have to keep reminding myself to put myself first which is not always easy, as the needs of kids are indeed sometimes urgent. I really admire all the other type 1 parents out there who make it work. It truly is an invisible disease, and all often looks fine to everyone else on the outside, but it really is another high maintenance baby to care for. I am definitely no supermom, I put my hands up to that for sure, although my sweet three beg to differ sometimes, bless them sweet souls. To top the pressure this last week during multiple birthday preparations, a balloon exploded in my eye (I know, what the…. what?!) causing an inflammation which had me nearly over my limit…. we all have one, limit I mean, and two eyes hopefully. My mantra for the last month has been “hang in there, hang in there, just hang in there dang it”! We’re allowed to feel that way sometimes.

Our last edition to the family, another daughter, joined us last May and is now crawling and pulling up to stand so it’s busy, busy, busy just about 24 hours a day except for maybe a few hours sleep here and there! She is such a funny, calm little sunshine so I can’t complain. She helps me to, well, you got it, hang in there.

We’re all loving the outdoors and the massive snowfalls we’ve had this winter. We’re not missing London so much yet. It just didn’t feel right for our family and got difficult to manage with our situation – I can’t say just how relieved I am to be living among the trees and with quiet around again. I really feel like I’ve gotten my life back! That’s a topic in itself…. how does one, despite seemingly impossible obstacles (normally tangled with or the root cause being fear) steer life in the direction that seems right? Which path does one choose? What is, in fact, or ever, “right”? Sometimes it’s even hard to dig deep to see what one craves and strives for in life, to know oneself… but remember, we can all get there. I will write more about this, and especially in relation to ones career.

I will leave with a quote from psychologist Carl Rogers to keep the motivation up to stay true to yourself “what you are is good enough if you would only be it openly”.

Middle daughter walking through the forest in the snow

My daughter following her path through the new and strange landscape.